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May 10 / s

From Hot Docs To Forsythia, Festival Season Comes Into Bloom

Written by: Carly Steven


Cabbagetown blossom

Cabbagetown now in full blossom

As usual it’s too late to write much and JM and I have to get to bed soon so we are ready for our big trip back to the UK tomorrow.  It feels as if this visit has been far off on the horizon for ages and all of a sudden we’re leaving!

Last weekend I went to see three fantastic films as part of Toronto’s annual Hot Docs Film Festival: Beware of Mr. Baker, The Invisible War and The World Before Her.  They were all wonderful, upsetting, thought-provoking and entertaining.  After seeing Mr Baker on Saturday afternoon I immediately put my headphones in and listened to Cream’s White Room at full volume (trailer below).

Unfortunately, because The World Before Her screened on Sunday morning, it meant I missed the Cabbagetown Forsythia Festival for which our landlady Shannon was being crowned Queen.  On the way to the bus I did pass many people dressed in yellow (apparently a tradition) and I’ve seen the photos now so I know we missed out.

On Saturday JM and I dined out on the Danforth at Pizzeria Libretto, which has a certificate to prove it is authentically Neapolitan.  The two huge wood-burning ovens really have been imported all the way from Italy and the chefs only use San Marzano tomatoes and Fiore di Latte Mozzarella.  Our pizzas were incredibly light – and they both came loaded with white anchovies and accompanied by glass bottles of Peroni.