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Jun 5 / s

Happy Families On The High Seas Of Tarbert

Written by: Carly Steven


Tarbert May 2012

A burst of sunshine over Tarbert harbour

So, to go back in time a couple of weeks, JM and I flew to Glasgow and, from there, via a circuitous route, we drove to Tarbert with my Mum and Dad.  After several trips we had unloaded the contents of the car onto the boat, Brag, and revived out jetlagged heads and bodies under the marina’s blessedly hot showers.

On our way to dinner at Starfish we were surprised by my Uncle Sandy who almost ran us over in his black and white cow car.  JM and I managed to stay awake long enough to share some oysters and perfectly clean a couple of perfect white fish.

We slept like logs and spent the next day doing nothing but eat delicious Mum-made soup and reading the Sunday papers.  A wave of wild weather had settled in during the night and refused to subside until well into Monday.  At some point, unable to sleep with the water slapping against the hull next to our heads, JM and I went ashore and climbed the small hill to the ruins of Tarbert Castle (there has been a structure of some sort on the site since the 13thC).  Even after ten o’clock it was still light but we still got some funny looks from the grazing rabbits and sheep.

During a break in the rough weather the following day we seized the moment to test out the tender’s new supercharged outboard.  I can’t remember what the horsepower is but it’s strong enough for the dinghy to plane when the person in front puts their weight forward.  After a wet and bumpy tour of the harbour with all four of us, JM heroically agreed to let me take him out at high speed.

Later in the afternoon we packed a picnic and drove to where my Mum and Dad are finalising the purchase of a plot of land overlooking the water.  It comes with its own little beach where we spent several hours collecting armfuls of oyster shells and silvery rocks.  It had turned into a gorgeous evening and as we left there was even a double rainbow.